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Welcome to IndoreCity.in, your definitive guide to Indore! Created out of passion to capture its beauty, culture, and essence, this website was built by Sujeet Sumele as an expression of his appreciation of his home city.


Sujeet was raised in Indore and his deep connection to its splendor is what fuels his mission to promote it globally. Through his passion and unflinching love of his hometown, Sujeet strives to offer an all-encompassing platform so locals and visitors alike can discover all that makes Indore truly remarkable.


IndoreCity.in serves as a virtual gateway into Indore’s vibrant history and cultural heritage, bustling markets, delectable cuisine and lively festivals. From street food vendors recommendations to off-the-beaten path treasures or simply looking to immerse yourself in this dynamic city’s spirit; here you will find plenty of information and inspiration!


At IndoreCity.in, our mission is to highlight Indore’s diversity, embrace its traditions, and demonstrate why this city stands apart from all others. By providing engaging content such as insightful articles and captivating visuals that show off all it has to offer – we invite you to experience all Indore has to offer and appreciate it in its entirety!


Join us as we embark on this thrilling adventure, inspired by our love of Indore and commitment to sharing its story. Whether you are an proud resident, adventurous traveller, or someone simply with an eye for discovery – we welcome all to be a part of our community!


Thank you for choosing IndoreCity.in and let’s celebrate Indore together! Let’s share in its magic together.

"Indore: Where heritage meets modernity, and tradition dances with innovation. A city that pulsates with life, culture, and warmth, inviting all who enter to embrace its charm and vibrancy."

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