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The White Church stands as an oasis within Indore’s bustling urban landscape, drawing visitors with its magnificence and historical importance. All those who witness its magnificence are drawn in, drawn into its rich heritage within its walls and charm of spirituality that it exudes – we invite you on an exciting voyage as we uncover its architectural and spiritual charm!

A Glimpse into History:

The White Church stands as a silent witness to history in central India. Once known as St. Ann’s Church, construction started during the British Raj era of 1858 under Engineer Ross McMohan under Sir Robert M C Hamilton’s patronage – its masterpiece European-style architecture now attracts tourists worldwide and continues to impress with its timeless charm and reverence.

Architectural Marvels:

The White Church stands as an enduring testament to past craftsmanship. Adorned with intricate details and majestic spires, its grandeur mesmerizes visitors while its solemnity mesmerises them further. A towering structure adorned with stained glass windows and elaborate embellishments transports onlookers back in time, inviting contemplation and admiration of each corner of this magnificent building.

Sacred Celebrations and Traditions:

All year-long, the White Church rings out with sacred ceremonies and joyful festivities, from Sunday masses to Christmas celebrations – providing an oasis of spiritual refuge. Furthermore, an annual Foundation Day Ceremony commemorating its founding date – 9 August – attracts devout worshippers in an act of faith and reverence.

Community Engagement and Outreach:

Beyond its religious significance, the White Church plays a pivotal role in fostering community cohesion and social outreach. Through various initiatives and programs, the church extends a hand of kindness and support to underprivileged members of society. From educational ventures to healthcare services, its efforts embody altruism and kindness with teachings of love and generosity in mind.


The White Church stands as a timeless symbol of faith, resilience, and cultural heritage in Indore. While we admire its architectural splendor and immerse ourselves in its sacred aura, let’s not lose sight of its lasting values: unity, compassion, spiritual enlightenment – that it symbolizes for generations yet unborn. Let us cherish and protect this landmark to ensure its legacy continues inspiring humanity for years to come.

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