Rajwada Palace in Indore


Rajwada Palace is one of the most historical buildings in Indore city. This palace is situated in the heart of Indore, near Khajuri Bazar. This majestic palace, carrying the legacy of the Maratha era in Malwa, invites visitors with its fascinating history, stories of strength, and the luxury that adorned its halls. If you are planning to visit Rajwada Palace, this article will help you learn more about its history, architecture, location, timings, etc.

History Of Rajwada Palace Indore

Rajwada Palace history

Rajwada palace, located in Indore, is a grand building from the Maratha period of Malwa. Around 1747 AD, Malharrao Holkar initially constructed this palace for his family’s residence. In 1801, Rajwada was set ablaze by Sarjerao Ghatke, the commander of Scindia. Between 1818 and 1816, the upper storey of the entrance gate, which had survived a fire, was rebuilt. Holkar’s Prime Minister Tatyajog contributed to this work, and thus the present complete building was constructed between 1826 and 1833.

Unfortunately, the wooden structure, Durdev, was destroyed by fire in 1834. Adopted by Tukojirao II in 1844, the first coronation of the Holkar dynasty took place in this Rajwada building in 1852, leading to necessary improvements and changes. Its eastern part burnt down in the year 1984.

Architecture Of Rajwada Fort Indore


The construction of Rajwada can be divided into three distinct phases. The first three floors represent the Rajput style made of stone. From the fourth to the seventh floor, the Maratha style dominates, with a more prominent use of wood. Architecturally, Rajwada is a fusion of Muslim, Rajput, Maratha, and Italian styles. The southern portion reflects Mughal architecture, while the eastern wall exhibits Maratha architecture, including the Ganesh Hall and the Durbar Hall, following a French style. The entrance gate is structured like Hindu Raj Prasads, with beautifully crafted windows. The southern part of the building has undergone repeated renovations.

Stone and lime are predominantly used in the construction of the palace, along with artistic wooden craftsmanship seen in the mehraabs, domes, and pillars. It stands as the tallest and most beautiful Maratha monument in the region, preserving the memories of Malwa’s history for over 250 years in the hearts of the people.

Indore Rajwada Museum

Rajwada Museum - ganesh temple

Rajwada Museum, an integral part of the majestic Rajwada Palace in Indore. Adjacent to Rajwada Palace, the museum is a treasure trove of Holkar heritage and historical significance.

This museum, which was once a palace, now displays historical items and Holkar’s legacy. The museum provides an intriguing look into the luxurious past with its collection of antiquated weapons, armor, and rifles as well as royal sculptures, paintings, and palanquins.

Rajwada Light and sound show 

In the evenings, Rajwada Museum hosts captivating light and sound shows, unraveling the chronological history of the Holkars and the city of Indore. The unique blend of architectural influences, with a Mughal touch on one side and European flair on the other, makes the museum visually captivating.

The Durbar Hall and Rani Ahilya Singh’s throne reflect French inspirations, while the expansive wooden gate, adorned with Maratha-style balconies, canopies, and windows, leads to a courtyard embellished with galleries and rooms.

Rajwada Museum not only stands as a repository of history but also as a cultural hub. The lush garden in front, featuring fountains and sculptures, hosts a nightly light and sound show, narrating the history of the Holkars. The meticulous reconstruction post-1984 ensures that the essence and grandeur of Rajwada Museum continue to captivate visitors, offering a rich tapestry of the Holkar legacy.

Indore Rajwada Museum entry ticket – 10Rs

How to Reach Indore Rajwada Palace

Indore’s Rajwada Palace provides numerous transportation options. Situated near the center, visitors can easily access it by road with taxis, auto-rickshaws and local buses providing convenient travel solutions.

Indore Junction Railway Station and Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar Airport both provide easy access points that enable visitors to discover its historical splendor and cultural importance.

Essential Information about Rajwada Palace

Rajwada Palace Timings

Timings Rajwada Palace operates from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm daily and visitors may visit during this period.

Note, however, that Mondays remain closed in order for maintenance purposes and ensure an optimal experience on other days of the week for visitors.

  • Tuesday-Sunday 9:00 am- 5.00 pm.

Rajwada Place Light Show Timings

Rajwada light show timings to experience its captivating Light & Sound Show, available daily between 6:30 PM in Hindi and 7:45 PM in English. Experience its cultural depth through captivating narratives in both languages!

Rajwada Palace Indore Ticket Price

  • Entry Fees for indians Rs. 10 
  • Entry Fees Foreigners Rs. 250
  • Rs. 200 for Light & Sound Show
  • Rs. 25 for Camera
  • Rs. 100 for Video

Rajwada Near Market Indore

  • Khajuri Bazar – Book Market
  • Sarafa Bazar – Food and Jewellery Market
  • Cloth Market – Clothes Market
  • Bartan Bazar – Utensils Market
  • Marothiya Bazar – Speciality for Occasion Market
  • Novelty market – Electronic Items

Near Attraction in Rajwada Palace

  • Krishnapura Chhatiya
  • Radha Krishna Temple 
  • Laxmi Mata Temple 
  • Imli Sahib Gurudwara 
  • Gandhi Hall
  • Kanch Mandir
Why Is Rajwada Palace Famous?

Rajwada Palace is renowned for its historical significance as the majestic residence of the Holkars in Indore. The blend of Maratha, Mughal, and French architecture, witnessing centuries of history, makes it a cultural gem. Its fame lies in being a symbol of grandeur, narrating tales of a bygone era.

Rajwada Palace in Indore does not have a specific owner as it is a historical monument. Constructed by the Holkars, it stands as a symbol of their reign. Today, it is under the care of the local authorities and serves as a public heritage site, welcoming visitors to explore its rich history and architectural beauty.

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