Pipliyapala Regional Park Indore

regional park indore

Indore’s natural beauty and rich historical legacy offer an inviting escape for people of all ages. One such destination is Pipliyapala Regional Park – also referred to as Atal Bihari Vajpayee Regional Park by Indore Development Authorities – an expansive 120 acre park created at an amazing cost of Rs 50 crores with 40-acre parkland blending seamlessly into an 80 acre lake – perfect for exploring all its wonders in Indore’s heart! Come on an expedition and uncover its mysteries on its doorstep!

regional park indore

Park Timings and Ticket Prices

This park welcomes visitors all year, offering peace and recreation. However, to maintain its quality for future use Tuesday is set aside as maintenance day. Open from 11 AM to 9 PM, visitors have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of activities and attractions. 

The ticket prices are modest, with adults paying Rs. 25 and children enjoying entry at just Rs. 10, making it an affordable retreat for families.

Convenient Location

Situated just 6 km away from the Railway station and a mere half kilometer from the iconic Rajiv Gandhi Square, the park is easily accessible from all key locations in the city. Indore’s efficient transportation network ensures a smooth journey to this green haven.

Location Details

Address: Near Choithram Square Indore- 452001

Phone: 0731- 2499566

Culinary Delights at Pipliyapala Regional Park

Foodies will find something satisfying at the park – from street-side snacks to delectable cuisine – something for every palate and preference! Outside food carts offer savory Indian chaat and Western snacks, while inside the park, restaurants and eateries serve a variety of mouth-watering dishes. The park truly becomes a picnic spot with options like Samosa, Kachouri, Dhokala, Namkeen, and other bakery items.

Boating Adventures

regional park indore boat

For those seeking adventure within city limits, Pipliyapala Regional Park offers the unique experience of boating. The park boasts various boat options, including small and big boats, paddlers, Jetty, Jalpari, and motor boats, catering to diverse preferences. Boating rates range from Rs. 60 to Rs. 800, ensuring affordability for families looking to enjoy a pleasant ferry ride.Additional safety precautions such as life jackets and expert guides enhance the boating experience.

Musical Fountain Extravaganza

As evening descends, the park undergoes a magical transformation, courtesy of its Musical Fountain. Each night offers exciting music and light shows for visitors’ pleasure and delight. The park’s other water features, such as Jumping Jet Fountain and Mist fountains, contribute to the enchanting ambiance.

Beyond Boating and Music: Additional Attractions

Pipliyapala Regional Park is not just about boating and musical fountains.It includes an Artists Village, a Maze, French Gardens, Bio-Diversity Garden, open-air Amphitheater, Jumping Jet Fountain, and a Mughal Garden. These features create a recreational haven for visitors, offering a diverse range of activities.

Ensuring Safety and Convenience

Park authorities prioritise visitor safety through well-trained security personnel and surveillance systems as well as offering pollution-free zones in their park.. Ample parking space accommodates all vehicles, ensuring a hassle-free visit for families seeking quality time together.


Pipliyapala Regional Park stands as a testament to Indore’s dedication to offering visitors an experience encompassing nature, recreation and culture. A visit here promises not only entertainment but also an oasis from hectic city life!

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