Pitra Parvat hanuman statue Indore

pitra parvat hanuman statue

Indore is a city that is renowned for its beauty and cleanliness It has a variety of significant sites including Pitra Parvat is a standout. The site is situated at Bijasan road, the place is home to the massive standing Statue of Lord Hanuman, also known in the form of Pitreshwar Hanuman Ji. Let’s look into the specifics of this peaceful spot and explore its rich history along with its distinctive features and the significance that it has to offer.

Unique Seated Position:

Lord Hanuman is usually depicted standing However, Pitra Parvat provides a unique representation of the Lord Hanuman in a state of meditative. This rare image draws people to worship and also curious visitors. The mountain is decorated with two statues dedicated to Lord Hanuman The bigger one which weighs more than 108 tons and measuring 72 feet is a stunning golden-hued piece. It was made of eight different metals and 125 skilled craftsmen, it took seven years to create this amazing work of art.

Temple and Devotion:

The sculpture that lies beneath it is The Pitreshwar Hanuman Temple which is where worshippers attend to pray. The smaller deity in the temple is Lord Hanuman who is seated on the seat of Mother Anjani. This holy space does not just provide an oasis of spirituality, but also attracts visitors with its architectural splendor and peaceful atmosphere.

Scenic Beauty and Environmental Harmony:

Pitra Parvat is not just an important religious spot; it has breathtaking panoramas of Indore. The mountain is located on the top, it is a peaceful retreat with lush vegetation. People do not just seek spiritual peace but also appreciate the natural beauty. What makes this location more appealing is its eco initiative, which allows the people who visit to plant trees the memory of loved family members. This creates a stunning landscape filled with trees, each with the name of a person whom they cherish.

Pitra Parvat Events and Light Show:

The temple is home to special occasions that include laser lighting shows. A stunning laser show which cost 2 crores, and brought in from Germany and highlights the deity’s seated position by displaying the image of Hanuman Chalisa and creates a magnificent atmosphere. The evening spectacle is accentuated by five masts that are high, that provide constant illumination.

History and Cultural Significance:

Previously known as Dev Dham Tekri, the change of Pitra Parvat started with the idea by Kailash Vijayvargiya, a senior BJP leader. The process of planting trees to sacrificing the massive god has transformed Pitra Parvat not just a place of worship as well as a sign for ecological harmony and communal harmony.

How to Reach Pitra Parvat:

For visitors, getting to Pitra Parvat is a matter of getting to Indore and then utilizing local transport. Indore Airport, with its proximity to Pitra Parvat is a convenient airport for air travel. Rail passengers are able to reach Indore Railway Station, and from there, taxis and autos can be accessed towards Pitra Parvat. Pitra Parvat is also accessible via roads and road, with Gommatgiri Marg providing easy access.

Pitra Parvat Hanuman Temple Location:


Pitra Parvat is a popular tourist destination, featuring its unique seat Hanuman statue, stunning surroundings, and significance to the culture provides a variety of experiences. Be it seeking spiritual insight or simply enjoying the beauty of the landscape or assisting in environmental issues, Pitra Parvat stands as an example of the harmonious combination of religion and nature that lies in the midst of Indore.

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