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Welcome to 56 Dukaan, a culinary paradise nestled in the heart of Indore—a city steeped in culinary heritage and celebrated as a haven for food enthusiasts. In our exploration of this vibrant city’s food scene, we’ll also traverse the bustling lanes of Chappan Dukan.
Indore, often referred to as the city of ‘chatoras’ (foodies), showcases its love for spices and a variety of foods, making every meal an extraordinary culinary experience. Join us on a gastronomic journey through these iconic food havens, where the rich traditions and innovative experiments at places like 56 Dukaan and Chappan Dukan transform ordinary meals into extraordinary delights. Get ready to indulge in a diverse array of delectable treats that make Indore a true paradise for food lovers!

The Origin Tale Behind the Name 56 Dukan

Chappan Dukan earned its name from the original 56 shops that lined the bustling street when the market first started. Today, as you stroll along, you can still count the pillars, a testament to the rich history of this food haven. Over time, some shops changed hands, creating a dynamic food landscape that extends beyond the initial 56 shops. In this blog, we will discuss the famous foods in Chappan Dukan.

56 Dukan Indore Timings - Daylong Culinary Bliss

The culinary journey at Chappan Dukan begins at 6:00 AM, offering the iconic Indore breakfast staple, Pohaa. From there, the street comes alive with a diverse menu that includes snacks, chaat, sweets, banjos (hotdogs), momos, and a variety of hot and cold beverages. This bustling market ensures you can savor numerous flavors all in one place.

The Stalwarts of Sweet Indulgence

Three prominent Indian sweets makers – Agrawal Sweets, Madhuram Sweets, and Gangaur Sweets – have established their grand outlets at Chappan Dukan. These establishments have become synonymous with the rich and authentic sweets that Indore is celebrated for.

Beyond Food - A Wholesome Chappan Street Experience

Chappan Dukan isn’t just about food; it’s an experience. Families, couples, singles, and children contribute to the vibrant atmosphere. The main street showcases the original 56 shops, and the allure of Chappan Dukan extends to the areas behind and around these establishments. The culinary and convenience market has evolved, ensuring that visitors can explore an even broader range of options.

Famous Foods in Chappan Dukan Indore

It’s quite a task for an Indori to narrow down the top famous foods in 56 Dukan. However, if you are visiting for the first time, you should try some delicious foods like:

  • Vijay Chaat House – This shop is more than 50 years old in Indore, and it has numerous franchises across all famous markets in the city. Whenever you visit Vijay Chaat, you must try its kachori, samosa, and, a favorite among all Indoris, khopra patties.
  • Rollacosta  – Rollacosta offers a wholesome departure from the typical greasy fast food options. Specializing in an array of delectable choices, it features vegetable rolls, shawarma rolls, sandwiches, sizzlers, pastas, rice dishes, as well as a variety of appetizers and Indian main-course delicacies. 
  • johny Hot Dog is famous for its hot dogs and banjos; you must try them. There is a variety of banjos available.
  • Milaap – The Paan destination – pan shop.
  • sweet shops – There are also some famous sweet shops you must visit, such as Agarwal Sweets, Gangour Sweets, Madhuram Sweets, and Namkeen.
  • Young Tarang – Quick-Service Delights-  Young Tarang, a popular choice in Chhapan market, stands out for its quick service and excellent street food offered at budget-friendly prices. Dive into a world of flavor with their delicious chaat items, indulge in the delightful sabudana khichdi, or savor the unique varieties of dosas that grace their menu.
  • Ramesh Masala Dosa – Elevated Dosa Experience – Indore’s street food vendors have elevated the humble dosa to new heights, and Ramesh Masala Dosa is a testament to this culinary innovation. Choose from a wide variety of dosas adorned with toppings like cheese, masala, schezwan sauce, or even corn. Trust us; the experience is one you won’t regret.
  • Sam’s Momos – A Fusion of Flavors – Craving something different? Head to Sam’s Momos for a fusion of flavors that goes beyond the traditional. From mouthwatering paneer momos to rolls, shawarma, and more, the variety offered here is so extensive that you’ll find yourself spoiled for choice.
  • Om Namkeen – Namkeen Delights – While not exclusive to 56 Dukan, Om Namkeen is a must-visit outlet known for Indore’s signature namkeens. Indulge your taste buds in a wide array of savory treats, making it an essential stop for those exploring the vibrant culinary landscape of 56 Dukan.

Noteworthy Establishments at 56 Bazar Indore

For those planning a visit, here’s a curated list of some of the prominent eateries and confectioneries present at Chappan Dukan:

  • FYI
  • Rollacosta
  • Cakes 365
  • Rolls Mania
  • Pizza World
  • Jumbo King
  • Dosa Centre
  • Café Yummy
  • Tibb’s Frankie
  • Johny Hot Dog
  • Agrawal Sweets
  • Gangour Sweets
  • TAB – Taste a Bite
  • Vijay Chaat House
  • New Chappan Bhog
  • Milap – the Paan Destination
  • Madhuram Sweets & Namkeen

Near the hotel at 56 Dukan, within 1 KM

  • Hotel Alba Premier – A.B. Road, Opposite C21 Near Pakiza, Indore 452010, India.
    Located 0.4 km from 56 Dukan indore.
  • Hotel HRJ Sarovar Portico –  Indore – 562 Mahatma Gandhi Road, Regal Square, Indore 452001, India
    Situated 0.6 km from Chappan Shop Street. 
  • Hotel South Avenue – 9/1 Kanchan Baug Main Road, Indore 452001, India
    Found 0.8 km from Chappan Bazar.
  • Treebo Trend Omni Palace – 16-C Ratlam Kothi Main Road, Indore 452001, India
    Positioned 0.7 km from Chappan Bazar.
  • Hotel Ambassador – 11/5 Nath Mandir Road, South Tukoganj, Indore 452001, India
    Located 0.9 km from Chhappan shop Indore.
  • Treebo Tryst Crown Palace – Kanchan Bagh, South Tukoganj, Indore 452001, India
    Situated 0.5 km from Chappan Street.
  • Hotel Kanchan Tilak – 585/2 M.G. Road, Near Tilak Square, Palasia, Indore 452001, India
    Found 0.6 km from Chhappan Indore.
  • Hotel Kalinga – 11/4, South Tukoganj Nath Mandir Road, Indore 452001, India
    Positioned 0.9 km from 56 Dukan Indore.
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