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Indore Lalbagh Palace

Lal Bagh Palace Indore’s Historic Gem

Situated on the left bank of the Saraswati, in the heart of Indore, the Lalbagh Palace stands as a testament to the vibrant history and cultural legacy of indore (Madhya Pradesh). lal bagh palace Spread across 76 acres, the construction of the 45-room palace happened in three phases. Palace Lalbagh Constructed in the Italian Renaissance Revival architectural style, it formerly featured a 17-acre rose garden. Triggs of Calcutta designed the main gates, which are fashioned after those at Buckingham Palace. Covering a vast area, this architectural wonder was built during the periods of Shivajirao (1886–1903 AD), Tukojirao II (1844–46 AD), and Tukojirao III (1903–1926), the Holkar kings. Tukojirao III lived in the palace until his death in 1978, even after he abdicated in 1926.

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Swachh Survekshan Awards 2023 - Indore Became The Cleanest 7th time

How Indore Became The Cleanest City 7th Time in a Row

A moment of pride for the citizens of Indore, the city has again won its title as the most clean City of India seven time in a row. time. In a ceremony, the President of India at an event that was held on Thursday (11 january 2024), recognized Indore for its unwavering efforts to maintain cleanliness which is a record-breaking accomplishment. In Indore the city Devi Ahilya, known for its rich culture has been etched into the history books by establishing itself as a symbol for cleanliness and sanitation.

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Rajwada Palace in Indore

Discover the regal charm of Indore’s Rajwada Palace, an architectural marvel standing tall for nearly two centuries. This historical gem, belonging to the Holkar Dynasty, showcases a fusion of Maratha, Mughal, and French styles. Despite enduring three fires, including a significant one in 1984, the palace has undergone remarkable restoration. Its seven-storied structure, once a bustling hub for commerce, now welcomes visitors with an exquisite garden, fountains, and 11th-century sculptures. Rajwada Palace narrates Indore’s captivating history, making it a must-visit to witness the grandeur of a bygone era.

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Gandhi Hall in Indore

Gandhi Hall in Indore, formerly King Edward Hall, narrates a captivating history. Built in 1904, it underwent a significant Smart City Indore renovation in 2021, restoring its original grandeur. The Indo-Gothic masterpiece features white stones from Seoni and red stones from Patan. Named Mahatma Gandhi Hall in 1948, it remains a cultural hub despite concerns about upkeep. Marvel at its architectural wonders, including a meticulously restored clock tower. Visit from 10 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Saturday, and explore nearby attractions like Rajwada Palace and Sarafa Bazaar. Gandhi Hall stands as an iconic symbol of Indore’s rich heritage.

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Indore Famous Chappan Dukan

Chappan Dukan is Famous Foods Zone Indore

Discover the vibrant heart of Indore at 56 Dukan – your ultimate destination for a delightful shopping and dining experience. Explore the bustling 56 shops, savor the unique flavors of 56 Dukan Indore’s menu, and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of Chappan Street. Uncover the charm of 56 Market Indore and the diverse offerings at 56 Bazar. Find joy in every corner of Chhappan Indore with its varied shops and opening hours. Embrace the essence of Indore at 56 Dukan, where tradition meets modernity in a perfect blend.

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